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This occurs when people act on their prejudices.
a) Prejudice
b) Diversity
c) Discrimination
d) Nondiscrimination

Equal opportunity regardless of gender.
a) Female Equity
b) Gender Equity
c) Pay Equity
d) Male Equity

A set of learned attitudes, behaviors, and traditions that make up a way of life.
a) Lifestyle
b) Behaviors
c) Culture-style
d) Culture

A person who creates and manages a business.
a) Entrepreneur
b) Manager
c) CEO
d) Employee

In this type of economy, the government owns, manages, and regulates the production and distribution of goods and services.
a) Free Economy
b) Market Economy
c) Command Economy
d) Mall Economy

The United States has this type of economy- sometimes referred to as free enterprise.
a) Command Economy
b) Free Economy
c) Mall Economy
d) Market Economy

Means to prejudge, usually unfavorably, or to classify a whole class of people as though everyone who falls into the category behaves, thinks, and feels the same way.
a) Workforce diversity
b) Prejudice
c) Gender equity
d) Entrepreneuer

A change or an adjustment to a job or the work environment from the way things usually are done.
a) Unreasonable Accommodation
b) Reasonable Accommodation
c) Disability
d) Workplace diversity

One gender consists of 25 percent or less of the workers in the particular occupation.
a) Gender Equity
b) Traditional Career
c) Gender-preferred Career
d) Nontraditional Career

The workplace includes a variety of workers with different backgrounds, viewpoints, experiences, and ideas.
a) Job diversity
b) Workplace differences
c) Workforce diversity
d) Workplace diversity

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