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What does the periodic chart tell you about the elements?
a) Symbol, Atomic Mass, Atomic Number
b) Symbol, Abundance on Earth, Atomic mass
c) Atomic Number and Number of Neutrons
d) Who discovered the element and Atomic Mass

All of the elements in a column ...
a) have the same melting and boiling points.
b) are neutral
c) are the same sized atoms.
d) have the same valence electrons.

The protons and neutrons of an atom
a) cancel each other out.
b) are in the nucleus.
c) are in orbits.
d) make up a neutral charge

All matter is made of
a) genes
b) cells
c) minerals
d) atoms

The three major types of rocks are
a) igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic
b) chemical and physical
c) minerals, pebbles, boulders
d) magma, sediments, metamorphic

Which is not a symbol for and element?
a) C
b) Ne
c) HCl
d) Fe

Elements can not be broken down into ...
a) other substances
b) water
c) liquids
d) gases

Valence electron numbers ...
a) equals 10
b) are in orbits
c) are the outer shell of the atom
d) are equal to atomic.

A chemical property ...
a) is that a metal conducts electricity and heat.
b) is flattening material into sheets.
c) is Fe and O combine to make rust.
d) can be made into a wire.

How are sedimentary rocks formed?
a) in volcanoes
b) under the ocean
c) across the continents
d) By physical or chemical actions

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