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When adding fractions, the denominators must be
a) even numbers
b) used so that the numerators are the same
c) the same
d) odd numbers with decimals

If I am subtracting fractions
a) the denominators must be the same
b) the numerators must be multiplied by each other
c) the numerators must be even numbers
d) the denominators are not important

When multiplying fractions
a) I need to multiply only the numerators
b) I multiply both the numerators and denominators "straight" accross
c) I need to make the denominators the same
d) the numerators must be the same

When adding or subtracting fractions, it is important to remember that
a) you have to multiply the whole numbers first
b) you remember what is in the science test
c) fractions cannot have whole numbers in them
d) the denominators are the same

If you have mixed numbers in an addition or subtraction problem, you have to
a) change them into an improper fraction and make the denominators the same
b) improvise and make it work somehow
c) multiply the whole numbers first
d) just multiply the whole numbers and then add the fraction parts together

To divide fractions, we need to first
a) take a break and freak out because have to do math!
b) change any mixed or whole numbers into improper fractions
c) just divide the numbers with each other
d) play it safe and write an essay

When dividing fractions, we need to change the divisor (second number) into
a) an elephant
b) a book with numbers, so we can get the answer
c) its reciprocal number
d) its receiving line number

"Flipping a number" or using a reciprocal number means that you
a) change the place of the numerator and denominator with each other
b) multiply all of the numbers with 10
c) have to go home and eat now
d) algebraic rules do not apply to this

dividing fractions: After changing the divisor into a reciprocal number,
a) you then turn the reciprocal again into an improper fraction and you're done!
b) you multiply the fractions straight accross
c) you divide until you have nothing left
d) you divide the numerators with the denominators

If you get an improper fraction as your answer, you should always
a) wait to see what the person next to you does
b) create a pie chart to show the percentages
c) try to reduce it to as small as possible, but leave it an improper fraction
d) change it into a mixed number

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