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Which statement best explains the significance of THE MAINE
a) It was the area founded by colonists that we now know as the state of Maine
b) it was an American battleship that blew up in the harbor of Havana, Cuba
c) It is the agreed upon name of the busiest streets during the Roaring Twenties
d) It is the fleet led by Commodore George Dewey to attack Spanish ships in the Phillipines

World War I began when
a) Germans sank the Lusitania
b) The United States heard of the Zimmermann Telegram
c) A communist regime overthrew Czar Nicholas in Russia
d) The Austrian emperor declared war on Serbia

Many United States citizens were accused of being communists due to
a) the Red Scare
b) the increase in worldwide terrorism
c) their request for social reforms advocating civil rights and discrimination
d) the influx of businesses in the 1920's

Which of the following statements best fits imperialism?
a) Whether far or near, we need to conquer and rule new lands
b) I'm sick of our United States government. I think I'll lead a revolt.
c) Forget other countries, we have too many issues here in our land.
d) Don't make me feel like less of a person just because my beliefs are different

Harriett Morehead Berry
a) immigrated to the United States from China
b) founded the NAACP
c) raised money for North Carolina's road system
d) was a leader in the woman suffrage movement

Who proposed the idea of Communism
a) Albert Einstein
b) Leonidas L. Polk
c) Karl Marx
d) William McKInley

Which of the following is a negative effect of credit cards
a) People can buy things they otherwise could not afford
b) Interest fees are waived
c) They can be bailed out of bad credit scores quite easily
d) Credit card users often spend more money than they earn

Identify why the German Kaiser surrendered in World War I
a) The Serbians led a revolt
b) Russia signed a peace treaty with Germany
c) The United States entered the war
d) Allied troops pushed the Germans out of France

Identify the year in which the United States acquired the most land
a) 1866
b) 1867
c) 1898
d) 1899

Which island or group of islands in the Pacific is closest to the United States?
a) Hawaii
b) Guam
c) The Phillipines
d) American Samoa

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