Root Words: Geo, Scrib/script Question Preview (ID: 36237)

Root Word Review Of Geo And Scrib/script.

Where is my ___________? I can't practice for the play without it.
a) subscription
b) inscription
c) prescription
d) script

If you pay for a year of Time magazine, you get one of these.
a) transcription
b) prescription
c) subscription
d) inscription

The girl is only one year old so when she picked up a crayon to write, it looked like this.
a) prescription
b) scribble
c) subscription
d) manuscript

What do we call a person who studies where cities, countries, and continents are located?
a) geologist
b) biologist
c) chemist
d) dentist

What do we call the study of rocks in the earth's crust?
a) paleontology
b) geology
c) biology
d) psychology

At the end of the letter, there was one of these that said, P.S. don't forget the punch. What does P.S. mean?
a) subscription
b) prescription
c) inscription
d) postscript

What is a root word?
a) A prefix or suffix added to a word to change its meaning or part of speech.
b) A word part added to the beginning of a word.
c) The basic part of a word after all affixes have been removed.
d) A word part added to the end of a word.

What does the root scrib or script mean?
a) to write
b) earth or land
c) in a way that is
d) three

What does the root geo mean?
a) to write
b) earth or land
c) in a way that is
d) three

If you collect hollow stones lined with crystals, then you collect ______________.
a) geodes
b) marble
c) slate
d) granite

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