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Part Three.[print questions]

What causes Mars to appear reddish?
a) carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
b) its distance from the Sun
c) the iron oxide surface
d) its position in our solar system

Why is Venus often called Earth's twin
a) because of its similar topography
b) because of its similar temperatures
c) because of its similar size
d) because life also existed there at one time

Why is Venus hotter than Mercury?
a) because of the volcanoes
b) because of its closeness to the Sun
c) because of its position in the solar system
d) because of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Pluto is
a) an inner planet
b) a terrestrial planet
c) a gas giant
d) a dwarf planet

Which is the largest body in our solar system?
a) Jupiter
b) Earth
c) Saturn
d) Sun

What is the most useful purpose for the International Space Station?
a) to provide a vacation destiny for wealthy Americans
b) to enable long term exploration of space
c) to enable the designs of rockets to be tested
d) to provide a home for humans when Earth becomes to polluted

Which planet has the largest volcano in the solar system?
a) Mercury
b) Earth
c) Venus
d) Mars

What is the sixth planet from the Sun?
a) Saturn
b) Uranus
c) Jupiter
d) Neptune

What is the third planet from the Sun?
a) Mercury
b) Earth
c) Venus
d) Mars

Which inner planet rotates in a clockwise direction?
a) Mercury
b) Earth
c) Venus
d) Mars

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