Level 2 Unit 7 Look, But Don't Touch! Question Preview (ID: 36221)

Greek And Latin Roots: Spec, Scope, And Tang/tact.

to think about something and make guesses about it; to form ideas or theories about something even if there are many things not known about it
a) speculate
b) spectator
c) horoscope
d) tangible

a person who watches an event, show, game, activity, etc., often as part of an audience
a) spectator
b) spectacle
c) kaleidoscope
d) contiguous

a very impressive show; something that attracts attention because it is very unusual or very shocking
a) spectacle
b) speculate
c) microscopic
d) tactile

a tube that has mirrors and loose pieces of colored glass or plastic inside at one end so that you see many different patterns when you turn the tube while looking in through the other end
a) kaleidoscope
b) spectator
c) spectacle
d) microscopic

able to be seen only through a microscope; extremely small
a) microscopic
b) kaleidoscope
c) spectator
d) spectacle

advice and future predictions based on the date of a person's birth and the positions of the stars and planets
a) horoscope
b) microscopic
c) spectacle
d) spectator

easily seen or recognized; able to be touched or felt
a) tangible
b) tactile
c) spectacle
d) spectator

having a sickness that can be passed to someone else by touching
a) contagious
b) contiguous
c) tactile
d) tangible

used to describe things that touch each other or are immediately next to each other
a) contiguous
b) contagious
c) horoscope
d) tactile

relating to the sense of touch
a) tactile
b) tangible
c) contagious
d) contiguous

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