Ch 16, Review (3) Question Preview (ID: 36219)

Third Part Of The Ch 16 Review.

A ___________ ___________ is a place where shares in a company or business enterprise are bought and sold.
a) joint stock company
b) wallstreet
c) stock market
d) stock sales

The ______________ were a powerful European family that provided many Holy Roman Emperors and founded the Austrian Empire.
a) Bourbans
b) Stuarts
c) Hapsbergs
d) Lancasters

The class of well-off town dwellers whose wealth came from manufacturing, finance, commerce, and allied professions were known in France as the ________________.
a) Gentry
b) Aristocracy
c) Bourgeois
d) Nobility

_________________ was an ancient Greek mathematician who proved that in a right triangle. the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.
a) Aristotle
b) Newton
c) Pythagoras
d) Copernicus

_______________ was a Greek philosopher who was thought to be the greatest authority on physics prior to the Scientific Revolution.
a) Aristotle
b) Newton
c) Pythagoras
d) Copernicus

_______________ _____________ is known for his works in physics, such as the Law of Gravity.
a) Aristotle
b) Newton
c) Pythagoras
d) Copernicus

________________ ______________ was a young professor who stated that the only way to salvation was through faith in Jesus Christ and began the movement known as the Protestant Reformation.
a) Martin Luther
b) John Smith
c) John Calvin
d) Billy Graham

_______________ _______________ became an influential religious leader, who believed that salvation was a gift God gave to those he predestined.
a) Marin Luther
b) John Calvin
c) John Smith
d) Billy Graham

____________ __ inherited the throne of England in 1588 after the death of her sister and immediately would pass the New Act of Supremacy. She would become one of England’s most beloved monarchs, defeating the Spanish Armada and supporting the arts
a) Catherine the Great
b) Queen Victoria
c) Queen Elizabeth I
d) Queen Elizabeth II

The _______________ ______________ _______________ was caused by the conflict over royal versus parliamentary rights
a) English Wars of Religion
b) War of the Roses
c) English Civil War
d) Glorious Revolution

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