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Second Ch 16 Review.[print questions]

How did the French and English differ in handling religion?
a) The French embraced the new Protestant reforms
b) The English accepted the Catholic faith as their state religion
c) The French adopted Catholicism as the state religion, the English went back and forth between Catholic and Protestant
d) Both allowed freedom of religion

How did European monarchs pay for their armies?
a) Began investing and working with the middle class businessmen
b) Continued a model where the rich were taxed on an increasing scale
c) Began taxing businesses using tariffs and sales taxes
d) Created their own business ventures

What led to England's military rise to power
a) Elizabeth I creation of a large standing army and defeat of Spanish forces
b) Henry VIII's creation of a navy
c) An alliance with France to combat Spain's power and domination of Europe
d) Attacking Spanish shipping and stealing their gold from the Americas

What was the difference in French and English government models
a) France became a constitutional monarchy
b) England created a series of documents that slowly eroded the power of the monarchy protecting the rights of people
c) England became a Republic and remained constitutional republic for approximately 100 years
d) France created a Parliament and wrote a Bill of Rights to protect the rights of the people

What happened to Charles I of England when he attempted to overrule the English Parliament?
a) He was exiled
b) He was beheaded
c) He was drawn and quartered
d) He was retired to the country

How did Spain solve the financial crisis?
a) The depended on wealth gained from the Americas
b) They raised taxes on the Jews and middle class
c) The began investing in businesses and working with Jewish merchants
d) They created joint-stock companies to sell land in the Americas to businesses

Where did Charles V and his allies finally stop the Ottoman invasion of Europe?
a) Versailles
b) Vienna
c) Rome
d) Istanbul

lthough arranged marriages declined in Europe, relative to the rest of the world, what group maintained the tradition to gain power and alliances?
a) Middle class
b) bourgeoisie
c) gentry
d) The upper middle class, the rich merchant families, and aristocracy

How did French monarchs avoid social crisis?
a) Provided a series of social reforms
b) They colonized the Americas and shipped prisoners over to colonize
c) They exiled the Jews
d) The king adopted the religion of the majority of the people, Catholicism

What is a “balance of power”?
a) Creating a military that has a standing army and navy
b) Creating a military that takes the best advantage of your strengths (Ex. England is an island, create a navy)
c) Gaining an ally to defeat another country
d) Gaining enough power to discourage or prevent one nation or party from imposing its will on or interfering with

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