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During which season is the Northern Hemisphere tilted towards the Sun?
a) Winter
b) Summer
c) Fall
d) Spring

What is the axis?
a) The equator
b) The prime meridian
c) An invisible path that Earth revolves on around the Sun
d) An invisible line through the North and South poles that Earth rotates on

Earth ______________ every 24 hours
a) revolves
b) orbits
c) rotates
d) floats

Earth ________________ around the sun every 365 days
a) flies
b) floats
c) revolves
d) rotates

Earth's _______________ is what causes day and night.
a) equator
b) rotation
c) moon
d) oceans

What causes seasons?
a) The tilt of the Earth
b) Earth is closer to the Sun in the Summer
c) The Sun gets hotter in the Summer
d) Earth spinning on its axis

Waxing means
a) Earth spinning
b) the moon appears to be shrinking
c) making something really shiny
d) the moon appears to be growing

Which hand does the moon sit in when it's waning?
a) right hand
b) left hand
c) neither
d) the moon can't fit in your hand!

What phase of the moon comes right after Waxing crescent?
a) Full Moon
b) Waxing Gibbous
c) First Quarter
d) Waning cresent

A ______________ eclipse occurs when the Sun is eclipsed by the moon.
a) Solar
b) Lunar
c) Earth
d) Red Moon

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is in which phase of its cycle?
a) Third Quarter
b) New Moon
c) Full Moon
d) First Quarter

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