6th Grade Periodic Table Question Preview (ID: 36202)

Periodic Table.

reminder: extra credit is listing the first 10 elements (symbols only)
a) click this one

The atomic symbol for carbon dioxide is
a) CaO2
b) CO2
c) CDi2
d) CaD2

Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom make up water, therefore, the ratio of water is always
a) 2 to 1
b) 1 to 2
c) 1 to 1
d) 2 to 2

Just like elements, two or more atoms can combine together to form
a) Bigger atoms
b) Molecules
c) Compounds
d) Groups

All atoms of an element have the same mass
a) true
b) false

Atoms can be broken into smaller pieces
a) True
b) False

In any element, all the atoms are exactly alike
a) True
b) False

Alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition metals, halogen gases, and inert or noble gases
a) Groups
b) Families
c) Periods
d) Columns

Elements are made of particles called
a) Atoms
b) Molecules
c) Chemicals
d) Grains

All of the rows going left to right are called
a) groups
b) periods
c) columns
d) rows

Every element in the top row, the first period, has how many orbitals?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

The periodic table also has special names for its columns. The columns are called
a) Periods
b) Rows
c) Groups
d) Columns

Each element is given a one or two letter abbreviation. This is also known as its
a) Atomic number
b) Atomic name
c) Atomic symbol
d) Atomic mass

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