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Were American Indians under a three-part government?
a) Yes
b) No

What is an example that show the Cherokee nation was a n active leader?
a) Construction
b) Education
c) Working
d) None of these answers

Why did the Mormons come to America?
a) They went because they wanted to
b) They needed help
c) They followed Brigham Young to what was going to be the Utah Territory
d) For family and friends

Who was the most important person for the Mormons?
a) Joseph Smith
b) John Taylor
c) Brigham Young
d) Wilford Woodruff

How did the Irish handle a new country?
a) They hated it.
b) They were scared.
c) They were sick.
d) All the above

What did the women do as a job?
a) Domestic servants
b) Soldiers
c) Cooks
d) All the above

What obstacles led the Irish Catholics to immigration to the US?
a) a potato famine
b) lack of land
c) lack of freedom
d) None of these answers

What small minority did the Roman Catholics consist of
a) Irish Catholics
b) English Catholics
c) German Catholics
d) None of these answers

When did African American slavery start in the US?
a) 1619
b) 1669
c) 1601
d) 1699

How did African Americans get to America?
a) Boat
b) Plane
c) Walking
d) Teleporting

How were women treated during the 1800s?
a) They had no rights to property and wages.
b) They had very little educational opportunities.
c) They did not have the right to vote.
d) All the answers are correct.

What did Susan B. Anthony do in New York?
a) She led the push for rights to wages and property for women.
b) She successfully led the abolition movement.
c) She quietly married and had three children.
d) Her husband became President of the United States.

What was the main cause of the Chinese people's problems?
a) Disease
b) Segregation
c) Racism
d) Discrimination

Why did Jews come to America?
a) Freedom
b) Place of refuge
c) Allowed to live lives
d) All answers are correct

What were obstacles that Jews faced?
a) Discrimination
b) Lack of money
c) Knew too many people
d) They didn't face any obstacles

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