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Can you caculate to estimate the cost of these items in your head?
a) increase
b) remember
c) profit from
d) figure

Our contract states that we have thirty days to make up our minds a bout the purchase.
a) an agreement
b) to draw together; to become smaller; to shrink
c) to get or acquire

A synonym for produce is
a) restore
b) dispose
c) manufacture
d) separate

The athlete developed his skills by practicing everyday.
a) understand
b) destroyed
c) increased
d) forced

Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller's teacher, was an exceptional person.
a) fearful
b) unusual
c) courteous
d) cowardly

Gravity is weaker on the moon than it is on earth.
a) The force that makes things fall
b) carelessness
c) the speed of light
d) chemistry

Animals have many classified into many different groups.
a) learned
b) grouped
c) shaped
d) graded

Because of the cold weather, the air inside my bike tires had contracted. The tires were almost flat.
a) become compressed
b) increased
c) frozen
d) exploded

The park ranger worried that the old silver mine might collapse, injuring visitors.
a) fall in
b) vary
c) increase
d) open

When balloons expland they
a) swell
b) float
c) lose air
d) burst

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