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American Revolution.[print questions]

Which group did not make up the majority of the Continental army?
a) Freed slaves
b) immigrants
c) convicts
d) plantation owners

How did George Washington inoculate his soldiers from smallpox?
a) put smallpox into the water
b) made the soldiers sleep with blankets that has smallpox
c) wiped smallpox pus into open cuts
d) gave the soldiers a series of shots against smallpox

What was the nickname for the British soldiers?
a) redcoats
b) minutemen
c) loyalists

Which one is a nickname for colonists who sided with Britain?
a) redcoats
b) minutemen
c) loyalists

What was the main goal for taking Fort Ticonderoga?
a) The pencil factory was an important target
b) The Native Americans and the British used it as a meeting place
c) The cannons were needed for the Continental army
d) The British had their money stored there

What battle was known as the 'Shot heard round the world'
a) Saratoga
b) New York
c) Yorktown
d) Concord and Lexington

What did Thomas Paine do for our independence?
a) He fought in the colonial militia
b) He wrote the pamphlet 'Common Sense'
c) He signed the Declaration of Independence
d) He was a spy for George Washington

What did King George III think of the colonies?
a) He saw it as a way to have a bigger population
b) He thought the colonists were annoying and couldn't wait to get rid of them.
c) He saw it as cheap source of resources and profit
d) He wanted them to come back to England to serve in the military

The words “all men are created equal” originally benefited primarily
a) white males and freed African Americans.
b) white males and white females.
c) white, male property owners
d) southern white males.

The Quartering Act
a) forced colonists to house British soldiers
b) taxed colonists to pay a quarter for all imported goods
c) controlled trade
d) made it illegal to boycott English goods

At the First Continental Congress, Patrick Henry used what key phrase to show his support for the Revolution?
a) Give me liberty or give me death”
b) “Give me freedom or give me death”
c) “Give me freedom or kill me now”
d) “Give me liberty or kill me now”

What is a basic principle of the Declaration of Independence?
a) The government should have complete control over its people
b) The people do not have the right to rebel.
c) The people cannot be trusted to govern themselves.
d) The government receives its power from the consent of the people.

Which is the primary source concerning the American Revolution?
a) A social studies textbook
b) An article written by a teacher
c) A videotape showing a reenactment of a battle
d) A journal of the events written by a Continental Soldier

The slogan “no taxation without representation” meant that the colonies were opposed to taxes passed by
a) Colonial legislature
b) The First Continental Congress
c) Town meetings
d) English Parliament

Which set of events is in the correct chronological order?
a) French and Indian War- Declaration of Independence- Boston Tea Party
b) French and Indian War- Boston Tea Party- Declaration of Independence
c) Boston Tea Party- Declaration of Independence- French and Indian War
d) Declaration of Independence- French and Indian War- Boston Tea Party

Before 1763, The American colonies had been
a) Ruled with a firm hand by Parliament.
b) Left mostly alone to govern themselves.
c) Heavily taxed by British government
d) Denied religious freedom by the king.

Which idea was NOT included in the Declaration of Independence?
a) all people are created equal
b) all governments get their power from the people
c) all people have certain basic rights
d) all taxes should be boycotted

Which one is a nickname for the colonial soldiers?
a) redcoats
b) minutemen
c) loyalists

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