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The following would describe the climate of Canada.
a) cold and arctic
b) hot and tropical
c) warm and wet
d) cool and dry

Which are major natural resources found in Canada?
a) sugar cane, coffee, lead, uranium
b) coal, fertile land, lead, cotton
c) oil, natural gas, nickel, forests
d) tobacco, diamonds, corn, oranges

Where do most people in Canada live?
a) in the frigid Actic
b) in towns near the U.S. border
c) along the western coast
d) in the Canadian Shield area

What is the name of the ocean on Canada's eastern side?
a) Pacific
b) Indian
c) Hudson Bay
d) Atlantic

What is the name of the large inlet body of water found in Canada?
a) St. Lawrence River
b) Hudson Bay
c) Great Slave Lake
d) Pacific Ocean

Which body of water connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean?
a) St. Lawrence River
b) Hudson Bay
c) Lake Superior
d) Great Bear Lake

Which lake system forms part of the border between the United States and Canada?
a) the Great Salt Lake
b) Lake Lanier
c) the Great Lakes
d) Lake Maracaibo

What is the name of the rugged land that contains much of Canada's most valuable natural resources?
a) Hudson Bay
b) Rocky Mountains
c) the Great Plains
d) Canadian Shield

What mountain range located in western Canada and stretches down into the United States?
a) the Rocky Mountains
b) the Appalachian Mountains
c) the Blue Ridge Mountains
d) the Alps Mountains

What is the name of the ocean on Canada's western side?
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Arctic Ocean
d) Hudson Bay

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