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Genetics And Heredity.[print questions]

All living organisms are created through the process of _____________.
a) growth
b) metabolism
c) respiration
d) reproduction

Farmers who grow corn plants want the plants that produce the most years of corn and are most resistant to insects and disease. What process what a farmer used to produce the corn plants with these desired traits?
a) Crop rotation
b) Natural selection
c) Selective breeding
d) Asexual reproduction

How could crossing a white flower and a red flower produce plants with pink flowers?
a) The pink flower has incomplete dominant red and white genes.
b) The genes for red and white colored do not affect each other.
c) The pink flower only gets the genes for color from one of the parent plants.
d) The gene for pink color is in all flowers, but the genes for red and white flowers are only in some of the flowers.

All living things are made of _____________________.
a) fibers.
b) tissues.
c) cells.
d) organs.

Brown eyes or dominance of blue eyes. Both of Donna's parents have brown eyes, but Donna has blue eyes. What is the BEST explanation for why Donna has blue eyes?
a) All of Donna's grandparents must have had blue eyes.
b) Both of Donna's parents carry a gene for blue eyes.
c) Donna's mother probably carries the gene for blue eyes.
d) Donna's father probably carries the gene for blue eyes.

In humans, having bushy eyebrows is a trait that is dominant over having thin eyebrows. Two parents with bushy eyebrows are going to have a baby. What can be predicted about how the babies eyebrows will develop?
a) The baby definitely will have bushy eyebrows.
b) The baby most likely will have bushy eyebrows.
c) The baby will not have bushy eyebrows.
d) There is not enough information given.

They have different combinations of the genes for eye color.
a) They have different combinations of the genes for eye color.
b) Randy has a different number of chromosomes than Patricia.
c) They have different chromosomes for the two colors.
d) Randy's mother must have had blue eyes, because you only get blue eyes from your mother.

Mike and his three brothers all have brown hair. Mike's father has brown hair, too. Mike's mother, however, is the only family member that has red hair color. What conclusion can you draw about the genes for hair color?
a) The gene for red hair is dominant over the gene for brown hair.
b) The gene for brown hair is dominant over the gene for red hair.
c) Neither brown nor red are dominant since they both occur in the same family.
d) Red and brown genes are co-dominant.

In pea plants, purple flowers are dominant to white flowers. Suppose a purple flowered plant with genotype Pp is crossed with another purple flowered plant with the same Pp genotype. What percentage of offspring will also have purple flowers? You scr
a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 100%

Brian owns a peacock farm. One day, a large batch of chicks hatched, and Brian discovers that a few of the chicks are white instead of blue. White chicks can be sold for $100 each, instead of the $50 that people pay for blue chicks. If Brian wants to
a) He should continue breeding the peacocks the same way.
b) He should always be sure to cross blue peacocks with white peacocks.
c) He should isolate the white peacocks and allow them only to breed to each other.
d) He should bleach the feathers of the blue peacocks before allowing them to breed with any white peacocks.

George Washington decided that he likes a particular cherry tree in his yard. He makes a number of cuttings from his tall, white-flowered parent tree. The cuttings grow into new cherry trees. What is true about the offspring cherry trees produced fro
a) The offspring trees will be inferior to the parent tree.
b) The offspring trees are clones of the parent tree, and they should look similar to the parent tree.
c) The offspring trees will vary greatly in height, but they will all have white flowers.
d) Son offspring trees will develop white flowers, while others will develop flowers of different colors.

Mr. Thompson is a potato farmer who is trying to produce potatoes that are large and resistant to fungus. Which of these would be best for him to use to produce only large, fungus free potatoes?
a) Cloning
b) Irrigation systems
c) Fertilizers
d) Selective breeding

What is true of the offspring of organisms that reproduce sexually?
a) They are genetically identical to one of the parents.
b) Genetically, they are completely different from their parents.
c) They have some genetic traits of both parents, but they are not exactly like either.
d) They always have twice as many chromosomes as their parents, since they have two parents.

SpongeBob is known for his big round eyes (R), which is dominant over an oval eye shape (r). If he is heterozygous for his round eye shape and marries a woman with oval eye shape, what type of eyes might the kids have? On scratch paper, complete
a) Their offspring will have a 100% chance for round eyes.
b) Their offspring chances are 50% for round eyes and 50% for oval eyes.
c) Their offspring chances are 75% for round eyes and 25% for oval eyes.
d) Their offspring chances are 75% for oval eyes and 25% for round eyes.

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