Texas Test Prep Informational Set 1 Question Preview (ID: 36169)

Nonfiction Practice For STAAR.[print questions]

What is the text structure of Easy Ice Cream?
a) Cause and Effect
b) Description
c) Sequence
d) Compare and Contrast

Which meaning of the word light is used in Step 1?
a) weightless
b) gentle
c) nimble
d) bright

Which of the following is added to the ice cream last?
a) condensed milk
b) corn flour
c) milk
d) vanilla essence

What is the main reason you should ask an adult for help?
a) so you follow the steps correctly
b) so you do not burn yourself
c) so you measure the amounts properly
d) so you do not make a mess

In Step 6, the word thorougly means that the contents should be -
a) mixed gently
b) mixed for a short time
c) mixed quickly
d) mixed well

Why would a globe represent the Earth more accurately than a map?
a) a map is flat
b) the globe is round like the earth
c) maps are better
d) i like globes :)

Which word means about the same as mainstream?
a) original
b) normal
c) effective
d) practical

Why does the author begin the passage with a question?
a) to get the readers interested in the topic of the passage
b) to show that scientists question the maps
c) to suggest that readers hsould research the topic
d) to explian why maps are not accurate

According to the passage, what was different about the map of the world created by James Gall and Arno Peters?
a) the age of the land masses
b) the number of land masses
c) the shape of the land masses
d) the positions of the land masses

As it is used in the last paragraph, the word debate means -
a) discussion
b) confusion
c) curiousity
d) research

Why is the name USS plunger a fitting name for a submarine?
a) a plunger goes underwater like a sub
b) submarines always start with USS
c) subs are nice
d) boats see underwater

The passage states that modern submarines do not need to surface to recharge. What does the word recharge mean?
a) not charge
b) charge less
c) charge before
d) charge again

Based on the passage, what does the prefix sub- mean?
a) more
b) over
c) short
d) under

What is the main purpose of the notes at the end of the passage?
a) to describe what a submarine is
b) to show that the prefix sub- is used in many words
c) to give the menaing of difficult words
d) to indicate the sources the author used

As it is used in the passage, periodically means -
a) for a short time
b) at regular intervals
c) at a fast speed
d) in a safe way

What is the purpose of the information in the box?
a) fun facts
b) showing the parts of a wolf
c) a warning to readers
d) definitions of words

In the sentence below, what does the word abundance show?
a) wolves were found in a range of places
b) wolves were plentiful
c) wolves were rare
d) wolves lived in large groups

According to the passage, what have DNA studies shown about wolves?
a) They have close-knit families
b) They are named after the gray wolf
c) They are related to domestic dogs
d) They are found all over the world

Which statement is most likely true about wolf populations over the last hundred years?
a) They have generally decresed
b) They have increased too rapidly
c) They have stayed about the same
d) They have decreased to zero

The photograph is probably included to help show that wolves-
a) are usually seen in the wild
b) can appear ot be friendly
c) are a protected species
d) cannot be tamed or trained

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