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Which Roman hero saved Rome by holding off the enemies at the bridge?
a) Horatius
b) Cincinnatus
c) Brutus
d) Romulus

You want to give me money, Don't you?
a) Nonne mihi pecuniam dare vis?
b) Num mihi pecuniam dare vis?
c) Visne mihii pecuniam dare?
d) Cur vis mihi pecuniam dare?

A Roman apartment building was called
a) triclinium
b) insula
c) oppidum
d) Curia

What words are about a Roman office?
a) studium, stilus, tablinum
b) triclinium, cibus,vinum
c) culina, culter, panis
d) fenestra, ianua, murus

panis aut vinum
a) bread and wine
b) Bread or wine
c) Bread with wine
d) Bread not wine

VENTUS frigidus est!
a) The wind
b) the house
c) the entrance
d) the boat

What article of clothing did a married woman wear?
a) stola
b) palla
c) tunica
d) toga

Cibusque pecunia
a) food or money
b) money and food
c) money not food
d) food with money

Which group of words are names of body parts?
a) Arena, forum, atrium
b) prandium, cena, ientaculum
c) palla, stola, tunica
d) bracchium, caput, oculus

Where did the Senate meet?
a) Forum
b) Arena
c) Curia
d) Cloaca Maxima

Pater filio IRATE dixit
a) angry
b) angrily
c) anger
d) more angrily

a) 600
b) 400
c) 60
d) 40

Quid tu habes in animo?
a) What animal do you like?
b) What are you looking at?
c) What are you thinking?
d) What are you doing?

Which group of words describe Roman meals
a) caput, oculus, auris
b) cena, prandium, ientaculum
c) culina, triclinium, atrium
d) Forum, curia, basilica

OLIM erat regina
a) Once there was a queen
b) Here is the queen
c) There is the queen
d) There is only the queen

Quis es
a) Who are you?
b) What are you
c) Where are you
d) What type are you

Rex cepit militis gladium
a) The king took the military sword
b) The king took the militia and sword
c) The king took the sword to the soldier
d) The king took the soldier's sword

Boys, Don't fight!
a) Pueri noli pugnare
b) Pueri non pugnant
c) Pueri nolite pugnare
d) Pueri non pugnate

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