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Central Place Theory.

Settlement patterns in the American Midwest
a) refute Central Place Theory.
b) support Central Place Theory.
c) suggest that Central Place Theory only works in China.
d) suggest that Central Place Theory does not apply to non-European areas.

According to the central-place theory,
a) large cities serve as economic hubs.
b) small communities bind regions together.
c) most people live in mid sized cities.
d) regions are impossible to define.

Central Place Theory predicts larger settlements are
a) less numerous and closer together.
b) more numerous and closer together.
c) more numerous and farther apart.
d) less numerous and farther apart.

Central Place Theory is concerned with cities as:
a) manufacturing centers
b) political capitals
c) transportation centers
d) providers of goods and services

Which of the following is the highest-order central place function?
a) neighborhood bank
b) gas station
c) Porsche dealership
d) grocery store

The minimum area (or population) needed for a business to break even is called its
a) threshold
b) function
c) range
d) hierarchy

In central place theory, market areas are presumed to resemble
a) triangles
b) hexagons
c) squares
d) circles

A system of cities consisting of various levels, with few cities at the top level and increasingly more settlements on each lower level, is known as an
a) urban hierarchy
b) urban place theory
c) urban function
d) urban scatter diagram

Urban-economic geographers refer to a city or town that provides goods and services to the surrounding population as a ________ place
a) convenient
b) high order
c) central
d) functional

Which of the following statements concerning Christaller’s Central Place Theory is incorrect?
a) If one town were eliminated, then the entire system would have to readjust.
b) Larger towns are spaced farther apart than smaller towns.
c) The number of larger towns and the number of smaller towns are roughly equal.
d) Towns of the same size will be evenly spaced.

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