El Alce En El Rio Question Preview (ID: 36155)

The Moose In The River.[print questions]

Ella corta el pelo.
a) She cuts hair.
b) He cuts hair.
c) We cut hair.
d) They cut hair.

El alce camina en el río.
a) The moose walks on the river.
b) The dog fights on the river.
c) The dog walks on the ice.
d) The moose fights in the river.

Cortamos el hielo en el río
a) We walk on the ice in the river.
b) We cut the ice on the river.
c) She walks on the ice in the river.
d) We eat the ice from the river.

Yo patino sobre hielo
a) I skate on ice.
b) I ice my skates.
c) I skate on rivers.
d) He skated on ice.

Mi hermano atrapa las ratas en la casa.
a) My sister traps mice at home.
b) My brother is trapped by rats at home.
c) My brother traps rats at home.
d) My sister traps rats to eat.

El alce se cayó
a) The moose fell
b) The moose feels
c) The moose falls
d) The moose felt

El alce corre con otros animales
a) The mouse jumps with other animals
b) The mouse runs with other animals
c) The moose jumps with other animals
d) The moose runs with other animals

Yo estoy atrapada en mis zapatos
a) I am trapped in my shoes.
b) She traps me in her shoes.
c) The moose is trapped in my shoes
d) I trap the moose in my shoes.

Ellos luchan en el rio
a) They fight in the river.
b) They fight in the forest
c) The moose fight in the rive
d) They fight in the forest.

Mis amigos cortan las piernas en el rio.
a) The moose cut their legs on the ice.
b) The moose cut their legs in the river.
c) My friends cut their legs in the river.
d) My friends cut their legs on the ice.

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