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What is mechanical advantage?
a) The ratio of the output force to the input force.
b) A flat, sloped surface
c) The work of the machine.
d) Something that is beneficial out of the input force.

What type of machine is a stapler?
a) 3rd class lever
b) 1st class lever
c) 2nd class lever
d) incline plane

What type of pulley uses several pulleys to increase the mechanical advantge?
a) Pulley system
b) A fixed movable pulley system
c) Moveable pulley
d) Fixed pulley

What is the equation for mechanical advantage?
a) Output force divided by input force.
b) None of these answers.
c) Work divided by distance
d) Output work divided by input work

No matter what type of machine is used the putput force is never....
a) Greater than the input force
b) Less than input force
c) Equal to the input force
d) None of these.

Which is not a simple machine?
a) Can opener
b) Baeball bat
c) Door stop
d) Door knob

How quickly work is done is called...
a) Power
b) Force
c) Energy
d) Work

What is done when a force causes an object to move in the same direction that the force is applied?
a) Work
b) Efficiency
c) Force
d) Power

How do you calculate power
a) Force times distance
b) Work divided by distance
c) Output force divied by input force
d) Work divided by time

What is the definition of efficiency?
a) Output work divided by input work times 100
b) Input force divided by output force.
c) An inclined plane that moves
d) Force put into a machine

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