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An ingredient that can permanently bind unlike ingredients is called a
a) colloid
b) solution
c) suspension
d) emulsifier

Which vinegar is made from apples?
a) wine
b) cider
c) sherry
d) balsamic

Which type of oil must be disclosed on the menu because of allergies?
a) corn
b) canola
c) peanut
d) soybean

What is the standard recipe for a basic vinaigrette?
a) 1 part oil, 1 part vinegar
b) 2 parts oil, 1 part vinegar
c) 3 parts oil, 1 part vinegar
d) 3 parts oil, 2 parts vinegar

Raw____ and papaya should never bee added to gelatin salad.
a) pears
b) apples
c) peaches
d) pineapple

Pasta salad is an example of which type of salad?
a) bound
b) green
c) vegetable
d) combination

Loose salad greens should be stored at a temperature range between
a) 29-35
b) 36-41
c) 42-47
d) 48-55

Which salad is intended to be a palate cleanser after a rich dinner and before dessert?
a) Main
b) appetizer
c) intermezzo
d) accompaniment

A small portion of potato salad is a type of ____ salad
a) main
b) appetizer
c) intermezzo
d) accompaniment

Which salad type stimulates the appetite and is light enough for the first course?
a) appetizer
b) main course
c) intermezzo
d) accompaniment

A chef's salad is an example of what type of salad?
a) fruit
b) green
c) bound
d) combination

Which salad vegetable has a long stalk, mild flavor, and crisp texture?
a) beet
b) celery
c) radish
d) scallion

Which part of the salad enhances its appearance while also complementing the overall taste?
a) base
b) body
c) garnish
d) dressing

Which part of the salad in made up of a layer of greens that line the plate or bowl in which the salad is served?
a) Base
b) Body
c) Garnish
d) Dressing

Which type of lettuce is the essential ingredient in Caesar salad?
a) Leaf
b) Boston
c) Iceberg
d) Romaine

Which salad green, also known as frisee, has a slightly bitter flavor?
a) Arugula
b) Radicchio
c) Napa cabbage
d) Curly endive

What is the most popular American lettuce
a) Bibb
b) Boston
c) Iceberg
d) Romaine

Which type of dressing are Russian and Thousand Island?
a) Vinaigrette
b) Mayonnaise
c) Mayonnaise-based
d) emulsified vinaigrette

Which condiment if a common addition to mayonnaise dressings?
a) relish
b) mustard
c) ketchup
d) horseradish

What is the main ingredient in guacamole
a) peppers
b) tomatoes
c) chickpeas
d) avocados

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