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Review For Africa District Assessment.[print questions]

Religious differences, conflict over oil, and a civil war led to what?
a) the creation of South Sudan
b) an ISIS takeover of Egypt
c) a genocide in Kenya
d) Nelson Mandela being put in jail

Why did people in North Africa join in the 2011 Arab Spring?
a) desertification
b) religious extremists
c) unlimited governments
d) epidemic diseases

The Great Green Wall is trying to solve which environmental challenge?
a) deforestation
b) globalization
c) genocide
d) desertification

Droughts in Africa can cause crop failures, which can lead to what?
a) genocide
b) famines
c) deforestation
d) Islam

Today, many African countries suffer from what health care challenge?
a) epidemic diseases
b) desertification
c) religious extremists
d) unlimited governments

What happened during the Middle Passage?
a) Sugar and tobacco traveled by boat to be sold in Europe
b) African kings sold prisoners to European slave traders
c) Europeans traveled to Africa to capture men for slavery
d) Africans were transported across the Atlantic Ocean in ships

What were most African slaves forced to do after being sold in America?
a) sew clothing for Europeans
b) work on plantations
c) mine for natural resources
d) build homes for Americans

Africa is a
a) country
b) nation
c) continent
d) city

Which answer correctly describes the triangular trade?
a) Europe to Africa to America then back to Europe
b) Europe to Africa and back to Europe
c) America to Africa and back to America
d) America to Africa to Europe

Nelson Mandela, Wangari Maathai, and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf all won which award?
a) The Academy Award
b) Scariest Dictator Award
c) The Building a Better Africa Prize
d) The Nobel Peace Prize

Many people who practice the religion of _________ also speak _________.
a) Muslim, Arabic
b) Arabic, Islam
c) Islam, Arabic
d) Christianity, Muslim

The Lost Boys of Sudan fled their country because of a:
a) life expectancy
b) genocide
c) literacy
d) desertification

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