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What are the three key signs and symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes?
a) Polyuria, Polydipsia, and Polyphagia
b) Polyuria, Polyphagia, and Polygaga
c) Polydipsia, Polygamy, and Polytheisim
d) Polyphagia, Polynomial, and Pauliwannacracker

Josiah has Diabetes mellitus. He will...
a) Drink a lot, Pee a lot, repeat
b) Have lower blood glucose levels
c) All of these
d) None of these

How might Type 2 Diabetes be controlled?
a) Diet,. Exercise, and Hypoglycemic Meds
b) Insulin
c) Beta Cell transplant
d) Lowering stress levels

What causes a goiter?
a) The white blood cells in the body attack the thyroid causing it to expand grotesquely
b) An increase in levels of Oxytodolynin
c) The lymphocytes in the body attack the thyroid causing it to expand grotesquely
d) False. Black bear.

Whats a normal blood glucose level?
a) 80-120 mg/dl
b) 120-150 mg/dl
c) 40-80 mg/dl
d) 80-100 mg/dl

What are the three hormones that are involved in the regulation of fluid and electrolyte balance?
a) ANF, ADH, and Aldosterone
b) ADH, MEH, and Adromine
c) ANF, Aldosterone, and THX
d) HOE, 3OH!3, and Donttrustme

What type of hormone is lutenizing hormone?
a) A tropic hormone
b) A sex hormone
c) A growth hormone
d) A thyroid hormone

What does the hypothalmus gland regulate?
a) Hormone secretion from the anterior pituitary gland
b) Hormone secretion from the posterior pituitary gland
c) Hormone secretion from the thyroid gland
d) Hormone secretion from the skin

What is diabetes mean?
a) Pass through or siphon
b) Too much glucose
c) Too little glucose
d) Stimulation of the glucose gland

When insulin is missing...
a) Glucose stays in the body and breaks down muscle and fat
b) Glucose stays in the body and breaks down muscle and bone
c) Glucose leaves the body and weight loss occurs
d) Josiah stole it

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