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Chapters 5 And 6.[print questions]

What is Cartography?
a) Map Making
b) Cart Races
c) The study of single celled organisms
d) The study of exploration

What is Ethnocentrism?
a) evaluation of other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards and customs of one's own culture.
b) A made up term for Racism
c) The belief that all individuals should have the opportunity to follow their own beliefs and traditions
d) To dominate all other cultures.

Which of the following is NOT a cost of imperialism?
a) By 1600 less than 1/10 of the original population of the Americas remained
b) Approximately 90 million Indigenous people died during that time
c) First Nations groups had larger and more diverse trading opportunities
d) Many First Nations people in the Americas completely died out

Why did Spain need gold
a) They had just fought an expensive war
b) They were greedy
c) They lost theirs
d) Someone stole theirs

What does Imperialism mean
a) A system of measurement for volume
b) A policy of expanding a countries power and influence
c) The language of Emperors
d) A global committee created to prevent war

Which country was the first to be involved in organized exploration?
a) Italy
b) Portugal
c) Britain
d) Spain

Which 2 Religions were fighting in Spain
a) Muslim and Jewish
b) Christian and Jewish
c) Christian and Muslim
d) Christian and Buddhist

Who was Prester John?
a) A mythical prince of a wealthy Christian kingdom
b) A pious monk
c) A poor man who became a prince
d) The patron saint of exploration

Which of the following is NOT a tool used for navigation?
a) Compass
b) Astrolabe
c) Telescope
d) Back-staff

Which of the following is NOT a reason for European Exploration?
a) To Expand Trade
b) To seek more gold
c) To expand the reach of Christianity
d) To dominate all other cultures.

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