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Review Content From Unit 7, Expansion And Reform.[print questions]

The movement of a large group of people to a new area or country in order to improve living conditions is called
a) migration
b) frontier
c) pioneer
d) mass production

Name the event that led to the acquisition of California.
a) Mexican Cession
b) Gadsden Purchase
c) Louisiana Purchase
d) Florida Purchase

What conflict resulted in the Mexican Cession?
a) Mexican-American War
b) War of 1812
c) French and Indian War
d) Texas Revolution

The speedy manufacture of large amounts of goods is known as
a) mass production
b) interchangeability
c) migration
d) transportation

Name a co-leader of the Corps of Discovery.
a) Meriwether Lewis
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Peter Cooper
d) Samuel Slater

The making of goods, usually using machines is
a) manufacturing
b) factorying
c) craftsmanship
d) prominence

To make goods is to
a) manufacture
b) reap
c) thresh
d) spin

Name the belief that the United States was meant to stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
a) Manifest Destiny
b) Industrial Revolution
c) Monroe Doctrine
d) Abolitionism

Thomas Jefferson was president when the US doubled its size in this bargain with France.
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) Gadsden Purchase
c) Florida Purchase
d) Mexican Cession

Name the Spanish diplomat whose name is part of the treaty that gave Florida to the United States.
a) Louis OnĂ­s
b) Antonio Lopez
c) Hidalgo Fernandez
d) Pancho Villa

Name the inventor of the steel plow.
a) John Deere
b) Jo Anderson
c) Peter Cooper
d) Samuel Slater

Name the newspaper that was published by a white northern abolitionist.
a) Liberator
b) North Star
c) Clermont
d) Suffragist

Name the black co-inventor of the mechanical reaper.
a) Jo Anderson
b) Cyrus McCormick
c) Roger Fulton
d) Eli Whitney

Someone who is the first to make something is an
a) inventor
b) entrepreneur
c) navigator
d) representative

To be identical or to be able to be exchanged one for the other is to be
a) interchangeable
b) benefit
c) prominence
d) republican

A building equipped with machinery for grinding grain into flour is a
a) mill
b) factory
c) cotton gin
d) mechanical reaper

Name the water-related feature that marked the frontier of the western United States prior to westward settlement.
a) Mississippi River
b) Rio Grande
c) James River
d) Columbia River

An early firearm used by Americans through the 19th century is a
a) musket
b) cutlass
c) rapier
d) foil

Materials that occur naturally and are used by humans to make capital resources.
a) natural resources
b) human resources
c) territorial resources
d) national resources

This state is home to the end of the Santa Fe Trail.
a) New Mexico
b) Oregon
c) Utah
d) California

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