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What dynasty in China created a trade treaty with Russia?
a) Qing
b) Han
c) Ming
d) Mogul

Which of the following was NOT an accomplishment of the Ming Dynasty?
a) Improving the grand canal
b) Renovating the great wall
c) established a nationwide school system
d) established trade with Russia

What group of people worked to convert Japanese daimyo to Christianity?
a) Jesuits
b) Ottomans
c) Janissaries
d) Pashas

What was the name of the family that completed the reunification of Japan?
a) Hirohito
b) Nobunaga
c) Tokugawa
d) Toyotomi

Why was Korea referred to as 'The Hermit Kingdom?'
a) It's rulers were shy
b) It exists at the top of a mountain
c) Lots of crabs live there
d) Isolationist policies

Which of the following was NOT one of the Mainland states?
a) Japan
b) Burma
c) Laos
d) Cambodia

The head of a Japanese noble family was known as a...
a) Daimyo
b) Shogun
c) Emperor
d) Samurai

The bottom of the Japanese social class was what?
a) Peasants
b) Eta
c) Artisans
d) Merchants

A group of related families in QIng China is known as a...
a) Clan
b) Crew
c) Squad
d) Team

What is the name of the dynasty that ruled Korea for 500 years?
a) Yi Dynasty
b) Ming Dynasty
c) Qing Dynasty
d) Ottoman Empire

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