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Why does it appear, from our view on Earth, that the Sun moves across the sky?
a) The earth is revolving around the sun.
b) The sun is revolving around the earth.
c) The earth is rotating.
d) The sun is rotating.

Which statement describes how light travels through air?
a) Light bends around objects in the air.
b) Light makes loops as it travels.
c) Light travels in a straight line.
d) Light travel in a curved path.

Which statement is NOT true about a closed circuit?
a) A closed circuit requires a power supply.
b) A closed circuit is a complete loop.
c) A closed circuit allows electricity to travel.
d) A closed circuit is an incomplete loop.

Which would NOT help you identify a mineral?
a) hardness
b) color
c) luster
d) size

Which of these will change the surface of the earth MOST slowly?
a) earthquake
b) volcano
c) weathering
d) flolod

Benji found fossils of fish and shells in his frontyard.When the fossils were formed
a) his frontyard was near a volcano.
b) his frontyard was in the middle of a desert.
c) his frontyard was on top of a mountain.
d) his frontyard was under an ocean.

Which trait CANNOT be inherited?
a) the color of a plant\'s flowers.
b) a human\'s knowledge of a language.
c) the color of a duck\'s feathers.
d) a bird migrating to warmer weather.

Why are many species of plants and animals found only in certain parts of the world?
a) They have special needs that are best able to be met in those places.
b) People moved them to these areas.
c) It is too difficult for people to move them.
d) They don\'t want to leave their families.

Which of these can be a cause of BOTH weathering and erosion?
a) growing plants.
b) raging fire.
c) churning magma.
d) moving water.

Which group of animals is cold-blooded, has dry,rough skin, and lays eggs?
a) reptiles
b) fish
c) mammals
d) birds

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