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The work done by a boy pulling a snow sled up a hill is 425 Joules. What is the power expended by the boy if the he pulls on the sled for 10.5 seconds?
a) 40.5 W
b) 24.7 W
c) 247 W
d) 4,460 W

What is the force between all bonds and contact added together?
a) Friction
b) Gravity
c) Electricity
d) Efficiency

Ture or False? Efficiency equals the output work, divided by the input work times 100%.
a) True
b) False

What does a second class level consist of?
a) Fulcrum
b) Wheel
c) Axle

Which of the following is a requirement for work to be done?
a) Force moves an object
b) Machine is used.
c) Force is exerted.
d) Object is carried.

What is work?
a) Work is done when force exerted on an object causes it to move.
b) Work is force exerted on a machine.

What is a fixed pulley?
a) A fixed pulley changes the direction of the input force.
b) A fixed pully changes the direction of the output force.
c) A fixed pulley uses several pulleys to increase the mechanical advantage.

What is the equation for power?
a) Work divided by time.
b) Time times work.
c) Time divided by work.

Which is not an inclined plane?
a) Lever
b) Wedge
c) Inclined plane
d) Screw

A ___________ is an inclined plane around a cylinder or post.
a) Screw
b) Lever
c) Wedge
d) Wheel and axle

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