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What's another name for a record player?
a) photograph
b) phonograph
c) homograph
d) paragraph

The device that measures the earth's movements is called a _____________.
a) cartography
b) photogragh
c) paragraph
d) seismograph

Many famous people today have written _____________________ about their own lives.
a) autobiography
b) biography
c) bibliograhpy
d) homograph

Someone wrote a _______________ about Hilary Clinton's life.
a) Autobiograhy
b) Biograhpy
c) Photography
d) Bibliography

The man is an expert in this area. He created many maps for the publishing company.
a) Cartography
b) seismograph
c) photography
d) paragraphs

two words that are spelled the same but usually have different meanings based on how you say them
a) phonograph
b) biography
c) homograph
d) cartography

When you record images through light, it is called __________
a) Cartography
b) Photography
c) Phonograph
d) Homograph

At the back of the book, the author listed the _________________ to show where he got his informaiton.
a) seismograph
b) cartography
c) phonograph
d) bibliograhpy

When she went to the rock concert, she went back stage an got the singer's _______________.
a) bibliography
b) autograph
c) autobiography
d) biography

The part of a piece of writing that begins with a topic sentence, describes the topic in detail, then ends with a concluding sentence
a) phonograph
b) paragraph
c) homophone
d) autobiography

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