Vayechi Perek 50 Questions Question Preview (ID: 36038)

Vayechi Perek 50 Questions.

What does it mean they embalmed Yaakov?
a) They put a spice mixture on him to not rot
b) They buried him
c) They gave a speech

Why was the city of Eretz Yiroel called 'Goren Haatad' (the threshing floor of thorns)
a) The Cannani kings wanted to attack but when they saw the great honor they placed their crowns around the coffin
b) They cananim would thresh there
c) The thorns were famous there

Who did Yaakov command is NOT allowed to carry him
a) His grandchildren or Yosef
b) The shevatim
c) His sons
d) His family

What did the brothers 'see' after Yaakov's passing?
a) That Yosef did not treat them the same
b) The times of Moshiach
c) The glory of the Shechina
d) The Golus

Why did they think that Yosef hated them now and not before?
a) He stopped inviting them to eat with him
b) He told them
c) They just had a feeling
d) Yaakov told them he would before his passing

Were the brothers allowed to lie to Yosef about Yaakov's command?
a) For the sake of peace One may say things not true
b) No
c) Of course
d) Lying is always forbidden

Why did Yosef say that the brothers are putting him 'In place of Hashem'?
a) Since they think he has the power to harm them
b) He was trying to conquer the whole world
c) He thought he had too much power

How did Yosef speak to their hearts?
a) He told them things that settled the trouble in their hearts
b) He bent down when speaking to them
c) He made jokes
d) He made them sad

How old was Yosef when he passed away?
a) 110
b) 120
c) 330
d) 220

Who did Yosef raise on his knees?
a) His great grand children
b) His grandchildren
c) His children
d) His nephews

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