Forces Review 1 Question Preview (ID: 36020)

Middle School.

Another name for Newton's 1st Law of Motion is
a) Law of Inertia
b) Law of Momentum
c) Law of Forces
d) Law of Reactions

According to Newton's 2nd Law of Motion, what 3 quantities are related?
a) force, mass and acceleration
b) gravity, friction and resistance
c) momentum, mass and velocity
d) inertia, mass and gravity

A 2000 kg truck accelerates at a rate of 32 m/sec2. How much force was required?
a) 62.5 N
b) 62.5 m/sec2
c) 64,000 N
d) 64,000 m/sec2

According to Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, forces act ____
a) in circles
b) alone
c) one at a time
d) in pairs

The unit for force is the _____
a) kilogram
b) newton
c) meter
d) m/sec2

Which of the following causes a resting object to start moving?
a) balanced forces
b) unbalanced forces
c) net forces
d) action/reaction forces

What is the net force when you combine 10 N South with 5 N South?
a) 5 N South
b) 5 N North
c) 15 N South
d) 15 N North

A tow truck exerts a force of 2500 N on a car, accelerating it at 5 m/sec2. What is the mass of the car?
a) 12,500 kg
b) 500 kg
c) 12,500 N
d) 500 N

When a mover puts furniture on wheels, which type of friction is he using to make the job easier?
a) static friction
b) sliding kinetic friction
c) rolling kinetic friction
d) gravitational friction

What is a way to reduce friction?
a) Wear batting gloves to bat
b) Press harder while sanding wood
c) Push harder when cleaning
d) Wax ski before skiing down a slope

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