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_____________________ helped write the Declaration of Independence and was from PA.
a) Ben Franklin
b) Paul Revere
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) James Madison

Said Give me liberty or give me death.
a) Patrick Henry
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Patience Wright

____________________________ was the 2nd US President. He was from MA and he promoted independence.
a) John Adams
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) Patrick Henry
d) Paul Revere

The main author of the declaration of Independence was-
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Peter Francisco
c) James Madison
d) George Washington

Phillis Wheatley
a) was an African American poet and playwright.
b) Was a seamstress who created the US flag.
c) was the First lady
d) was a Loyalist who fought with Washington

The King of England during the revolution was
a) King George III
b) King George IV
c) King George X
d) King George IIV

______________________________ was the midnight rider who warned the continental army that the British were coming.
a) Paul Revere
b) Anthony Wayne
c) Anna Strong
d) Patrick Henry

The commander of the Continental Army was
a) George Washington
b) George Bush
c) George of the Jungle
d) Curious George

All of the following believed in Natural Rights EXCEPT
a) King GeorgeIII
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) John Locke
d) Ben Franklin

In a democratic government the power comes from
a) the governed
b) the king
c) the President
d) the wealthy

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