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Which statement is not true of gravitational force?
a) It depends on Mass of the object
b) It exist between all objects
c) It depends on the distance between the objects
d) It is a repulsive force

Which object would have greatest acceleration if pushed with 10 Newtons of force?
a) empty 12 ounce soda can
b) stapler
c) 10 lb bowling ball
d) science text book

Person A applies a force of 10N; in the opposite direction Person B applies a force of 13N. What is the resulting Net force?
a) 23 N towards person A
b) -3 N towards peson A
c) 130 N towards person A
d) 3 N towards person A

What is the accleration of a car that goes from 0 km/h to 60 km/h in 5 s
a) 300 km/h/s
b) 12 km/h/s
c) -12 km/h/s
d) .8 km/h/s

What is the distance traveled divided by the time taken to travel that distance?
a) acceleration
b) displacement
c) speed
d) velocity

How much momentum does a 21 kg bicycle have if it travels at a rate of 3 m/s
a) 7 kg * m/s
b) 63 kg * m/s
c) 18 kg * m/s
d) 24 kg * m/s

Which statement correctly explains why the bowling ball cause the pins to fall?
a) Momentum is transfered from bowling ball to the pin.
b) Force applied causes the pin to accelerate in that direction
c) The pins now have a net force.
d) All are true

A motorcycle and a bus are both traveling at 25 km/h. Why is the motorcycle easier to stop
a) It has more friction
b) It has less momentum
c) The forces are balanced
d) Fewer people are on the motorcycle

Which of the following can occur when an object is accelerating?
a) it speeds up
b) it slows down
c) it changes direction
d) all are true

Ball a bumps into Ball B. Which is the same before and after the collision?
a) The momentum of ball A
b) The momentum of ball B
c) The total sum of the momentums
d) The difference in momentums

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