Revolution 3 Question Preview (ID: 36007)

Governments And People.

Money earned is called-
a) Revenue
b) hampered
c) cash
d) taxes

All of the following are the same as inalienable rights EXCEPT
a) unatural rights
b) natural rights
c) inherent rights
d) unalienable rights

Locke said that governments could not go against, or __________________ a person's rights.
a) violate
b) hamper
c) deny
d) smackdown

Which political idea of John Locke influenced American Independence?
a) Natural rights
b) Strong leaders
c) Federalism
d) succession

Who would most likely say this? My family has been supporting Britain for 4 generations in the colonies. King George will always be my King.
a) A loyalist
b) A Patriot
c) A Son of Liberty
d) A Redcoat

Who would most likely say this? My fellow colonists and I are tired of paying taxes to a king who lives 1000's of mile away. We w ant independence.
a) A Patriot
b) A Loyalist
c) A Redcoat
d) A Torrie

Who would most likely say this? The Governor of this colony does not care about its citizens. He only answers to the King and never asks for our input.
a) A Patriot
b) A Loyalist
c) A Torrie
d) A Redcoat

Loyalist were
a) colonists who remained loyal to the King
b) colonist who fought in the French and Indian War
c) colonists who fought against the King.
d) all British soldiers

The commander of the Continental Army was
a) George Washington
b) Henry Know
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) Thomas Jefferson

British Soldiers were also called
a) Red Coats
b) Crab Backs
c) Traitors
d) Minutemen

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