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The Space race was was between these two world superpowers
a) United States and Germany
b) United States and USSR
c) France and Germany
d) France and USSR

Which event was the first "shot" of the space race?
a) Yuri Gagarin orbits Earths
b) Neil Armstrong walks on the moon
c) Launch of Sputnik
d) Skylab opens

Which tool would be used to observe far off galaxies from Earth?
a) Telescopes
b) Space Probes
c) Space Shuttles
d) Rovers

Gravity on the moon is less than that of Earth because
a) There is no oxygen on the Moon
b) Lower temperatures exist on the Moon
c) The Moon has less mass
d) No presence of water on the Moon

The Earth-centered model of the solar system developed by early Greek astronomers is commonly refered to as a
a) The Geocentric Model
b) The Galilean Model
c) The Heliocentric Model
d) The Modern Model

Kepler made this important discovery about the orbits of the planets
a) Orbits are circular
b) Orbits are retrograde in nature
c) Planets orbit at the same speed
d) Orbits are elliptical

Which observation was made by Galileo using the telescope?
a) The elliptical orbits of planets
b) Sun orbiting the Earth
c) Moons orbiting Jupiter
d) Mars experiencing retrograde motion

Satellites stay in orbit because they are traveling at the same rate of the Earth's rotation. If the satellite begins to slow what will probably happen?
a) It would fly off into deep space
b) It would crash into the moon
c) It would crash into the Earth
d) It would remain in orbit at a lower altitude

Which of the following is an advantage of the modern space shuttle
a) It travels at the speed of light
b) It can be used for several missions
c) It is solar powered
d) It is easier to find when it lands in the ocean

Which US Space program included several lunar landings
a) Mercury
b) Gemini
c) Columbia
d) Apollo

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