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Which nonliving part of an ecosystem do plants need in order to make food?
a) water
b) carbon dioxide
c) sunlight
d) all of the above

At the end of every food chain is a
a) decomposer
b) producer
c) consumer
d) herbivore

Which of the following correctly matches the type of animal with its characteristics?
a) birds: war-blooded, scales
b) reptiles: warm-blooded, soft skin
c) fish: cold-blooded, gills
d) mammals: cold-blooded, hair

Which characteristic is learned?
a) the shape of your face
b) the language you speak
c) the color of your hair
d) the number of fingers on your hand

Which of these is the source of energy for ALL organisms in a food chain on land?
a) grasses
b) plants
c) the sun
d) herbivores

Which of the following behaviors is an instinct?
a) a male grasshopper rubbing its legs together to attract a female.
b) a dog begging for food at the dinner table.
c) a cat using a litter box.
d) a chimpanzee using sign language.

All animals need what to survive?
a) meat, shelter, and water.
b) food, shelter, and warmth.
c) water, clolthing, and shelter.
d) food, water, air.

Roots help a plant to survive by
a) taking in water and nutrients from the soil.
b) producing food for the plants.
c) helping the plant reproduce.
d) collecting sunlight that the plant uses to grow.

Which of these is NOT a basic need of all plants?
a) soil
b) sunlight
c) water
d) nutrients

All decomposers
a) are plants.
b) catch fish.
c) kill insects.
d) make soil.

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