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Newton's 1st law is also know as the law of ____________
a) Inertia
b) Momentum
c) Mass
d) Physics

Inertia describes an object tendency to
a) accelerate
b) decelerate
c) remain at rest
d) change direction

speed =
a) distance + time
b) distance x time
c) distance / displacement
d) distance / time

Force is measured in units known as
a) grams
b) calories
c) newtons
d) Joules

Gravity is a measure of an objects
a) Mass
b) Weight
c) Size
d) Motion

Friction is a force that
a) Helps create motion
b) Opposes all motion
c) exist in space
d) cause object to fall

Objects will accelerate in the direction of the force according to
a) Newton's 1st Law
b) Newton's 2nd Law
c) Newton's 3rd Law
d) Law of Inertia

Newton's 3rd law explains
a) Why objects accelerate
b) why objects remain at rest
c) the direction of motion
d) actioin-reaction

Action-Reaction forces are always
a) Equal but opposite
b) balanced
c) unbalanced
d) net force =0

Which of the below represent balanced forces?
a) car traveling away from stop sign
b) skier at a constant speed
c) baseball going over fence
d) rain splashing a puddle

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