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Below is a preview of the questions contained within the game titled THE SENTENCE IS RIGHT: This Is A Reflection To "The Price Is Right". A Sentence Will Appear And You Must Say Which Word Can Be Taken Out And Still Make Sense With The Same Message. There Are 6 "regular" Rounds With 3 People In Each Round. Then There Are 2 "2nd Level" Round .To play games using this data set, follow the directions below. Good luck and have fun. Enjoy! [print these questions]

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There, is a bad day, it always appears stunning.
a) bad
b) it
c) is
d) appears

My person is the last characteristic that you would try to think of.
a) to
b) characteristic
c) person
d) try

A bike that has 2 wheels can backstabs.
a) wheels
b) bike
c) can
d) 2

Old English, is not common.
a) common
b) old
c) not
d) is

Habenero peppers are spicier then Jalepeno peppers.
a) 1st pepper
b) Jalepenos
c) Habenero
d) 2nd pepper

I want my money back!
a) want
b) back
c) money
d) I

Have a nice day.
a) have
b) day
c) nice
d) a

Arts is the best subject.
a) Arts
b) subject
c) best
d) is

The Magic game was awesome.
a) Magic
b) awesome
c) was
d) game

Chili Peppers!
a) Chili
b) Pepers
c) All of the above
d) None of the above

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