Life Science Review Question Preview (ID: 35946)

Review For Life Science.

Traits are determined by our genes and these traits are inherited. Where do our genes come from?
a) Your sisters and brothers
b) Your parents
c) Your friends
d) No one

What is one way that microorganisms can be harmful to humans?
a) Microorganisms in our stomachs breakdown food.
b) Microorganisms decompose waste.
c) Microorganisms are used in producing food.
d) Microorganisms cause disease.

All are examples of seed producing plants except....
a) moss
b) apple tree
c) rose
d) grass

Which animal group lays eggs in the water, has thin skin, and metamorphosis occurs?
a) Mammals
b) Birds
c) Amphibians
d) Reptiles

Why do you use a microscope to view cells?
a) Cells are very colorful.
b) Cells are too large to see.
c) Cells are too small to see.
d) Cells are everywhere.

Plants can both physically and chemically ______________ rocks.
a) building
b) depositing
c) eroding
d) weathering

What cell structure is the gatekeeper, controlling what goes in and out of the cell?
a) nucleus
b) vacuole
c) cell membrane
d) cell wall

If you compare a city to a cell, what building would represent the mitochondria and why?
a) factory: manufactoring
b) power plant: provides energy
c) city hall: control center
d) highways and streets: transporation

What is the smallest unit that can carry on all functions of life?
a) element
b) molecule
c) cells
d) atoms

How are humans classified?
a) Vascular and mammals
b) Vertebrates and mammals
c) Vertebrates and vascular
d) Vascular and humans

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