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a) they arrived
b) I arrived
c) They arrive
d) They will arive

a) I cooked
b) I cook
c) I am cooking
d) I will cook

Miguel limpiГі
a) Mike cleaned
b) Mike cleans
c) Mike will clean
d) Mike did not clean

Mi abuela me ayudГі
a) My grandmother helped me
b) My grandmother helps me
c) My grandmother is going to help me
d) My helped me

Mi mama pasГі la aspiradora
a) My mom vacuumed
b) My mom vacuums
c) My mom did not vacuum
d) My mom is going to vacuum

sacaste la basura
a) You took out the trash
b) You take out the trash
c) You are going to take out the trash
d) You did not take out the trash

trabajaron mucho ayer
a) they worked alot yesterday
b) They work alot
c) They are going to work a lot
d) They did not work alot

hablaron in class
a) They spoke in class
b) They speak in class
c) They are going to speak in class
d) They did not speak in class

Papa lavГі el coche
a) Dad washed the car
b) Dad is going to wash the car
c) Dad washes the car
d) Dad did not wash the car

el otro dia bailamos mucho en la fiesta
a) We danced alot the other day at the party
b) We dance alot at the party
c) We are going to dance alot at the party
d) We won't dance alot at the party

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