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What is the shape of DNA?
a) double helix
b) double ladder
c) single helix
d) stair case

How do the bases in DNA pair?
a) A-C T-G
b) C-A T-G
c) A-T C-G
d) T-C A-G

What bases are purines?
a) adenine and cytosine
b) guanine and thymine
c) thyamine and cytosine
d) adenine and guanine

What bases are pyrimidines?
a) adenine and cytosine
b) adenine and guanine
c) thyamine and cytosine
d) guanine and thymine

What type of bonds hold the bases together?
a) hydrogen bonds
b) covalent bonds
c) ionic bonds
d) strong bonds

What type of bonds are between the sugar and phosphate
a) covalent
b) hydrogen
c) ionic
d) weak

What protein does DNA wrap around?
a) histone
b) non-histone
c) enzyme
d) catalyst

How long is a strand of DNA that is unwound?
a) 1nm
b) 6 foot
c) 4 inches
d) 1 foot

Where is DNA located?
a) cytoplasm
b) cytoskeleton
c) in the nucleus of living things
d) centrioles

What are the parts of a nucleotide?
a) sugar phosphate base
b) sugar protein enzyme
c) carb, protein, amino acid
d) lipid fat oil

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