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Climatic Interactions Content.

Which correctly explains cool air?
a) Cool air molecules are less dense an rise.
b) Cool air molecules are more dense and rise.
c) Cool air molecules are less dense sink.
d) Cool air molecules are more dense and sink.

Pumice is a type of rock created when lave cools extremely fast. If pumice has a density of 0.25 g/cm3, wihat will happen when a sample of pumice is dropped in water?
a) Sink to the bottom.
b) Float on top of the water.
c) Neither float nor sink but hover in the middle between the surface and the bottom.
d) Dissolve in the water.

There is a high pressure system sitting over the south central United States. What type weather could be expected?
a) Warm weather
b) Clear skies and the sun shining
c) Cloudy and windy
d) Cool but sunny

What type of weather can you expect if a cold front moves into your area?
a) Long periods of rain and a drop in the temperature
b) No rain but the temperature will likely get warmer
c) Blizzard-like conditions that last for days
d) A decrease in temperature and quick heavy rains

Which is an example of radiation?
a) Microwaves making water freeze.
b) Light from the sun melting a Popsicle.
c) Warming your hands by blowing air into them.
d) Lava from a volcano creating new crust material

Which of the following cause global wind patterns like Trade winds, Westerlies, and Easterlies?
a) The Coriolis effect and the Earth is heated unequally
b) Location of the continents and landmasses.
c) The Earth's daily rotation an shifts in ocean water temperature.
d) All of the above.

Which of the following statements are true about an El Nino event in the Pacific Ocean?
a) Upwelling and nutrients increase on the east coast.
b) Warm surface water in the Pacific Ocean is pushed by the Trade winds to the West Coast.
c) The surface temperature of the Pacific Ocean increases.
d) All of the above are true.

Which statement correctly explains a sea breeze?
a) Warm air over both the ocean and land sinks causing a convection current and a wind is created.
b) Both the land and ocean water are heated by the Sun equally. Air rises over both causing a breeze.
c) Warm air over the water rises and cool air sinks over the land. This convection current causes a breeze.
d) Warm air over land rises and cool air sinks over the ocean. This convection current causes a breeze.

What is the main cause of convection currents on Earth's surface?
a) The movement of water in the Earth's oceans.
b) Continental Drift causes a shift in ocean current patterns.
c) The unbalanced forces between the land and ocean.
d) Uneven heating of the Earth by the Sun.

Which of the following is an effect of the uneven heating of Earth's surface?
a) sea and land breezes
b) ocean currents and gyres
c) global wind patterns
d) all of the above

What energy transfer drives the movement of global wind and ocean currents?
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) sublimation

Heat energy moves from the sun to the earth by
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) sublimation

What is the density of water?
a) 0.1 g/mL
b) 0.25 g/mL
c) 1 g/mL
d) 10.25 g/mL

Mrs. Parker's middle name is....
a) Gertrude
b) Lynn
c) Olivia
d) Ann

If an air mass formed over the ocean and near the equator, it would be called...
a) maritime continental
b) tropic continental
c) polar maritime
d) maritime tropic

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