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Which of the following biome has animals that estivate?
a) tropical rainforest
b) tundra
c) desert
d) temperate grasslands

In which biome is perfmafrost a major component of the soil?
a) tundra
b) taiga
c) polar seas
d) temperate grasslands

Which biome is dominated by woody shrubs and trees that lose their leaves?
a) Taiga
b) Tropical rain forest
c) Temperate deciduous forest
d) Prairie, Steppes, and Pampas

Which biome commonly has drought, wildfires and many herbivores?
a) forests
b) deserts
c) wetlands
d) grasslands

Which biome has many plants that have oily leaves which help fuel fires during the warm, dry summers?
a) Temperate Deciduous forest
b) Temperate rain forest
c) Tropical rain forest
d) Chapparal

Which of the following organisms would be found in the tundra?
a) evergreen trees
b) succulent plants
c) lichens
d) grasses

How have animals in the tundra adapted to their environment?
a) they are active only at night
b) they hibernate when it is cold
c) they are adapted to climbing
d) they have thick fur, extra body fat and use seasonal camouflage

Which of the following biome is found at the highest latitudes?
a) taiga
b) tundra
c) temperate deciduous forest
d) chapparal

Which biome is most easily disrupted and very slow to recover from disturbances?
a) tropical rainforest
b) savanna
c) desert
d) tundra

Which biome is characterized by nutrient poor soil?
a) temperate grassland
b) tropical rain forest
c) savanna
d) all biomes hae nutriet poor soil

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