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Which is NOT a characteristic of a dicot?
a) scattered bundles of vascular tissue.
b) branching veins in its leaves
c) flowers with four or five petals.
d) two cotyledons in each seed.

What characteristic do all cone-bearing plants share?
a) They produce “naked seeds” in cones.
b) They live only in hot, dry climates.
c) They are leaf trees.
d) They produce spores.

All flowering plants
a) produce fruits and flowers.
b) produce cones.
c) are seedless.
d) are tropical.

Gases pass in and out of a leaf through the
a) stomata.
b) cuticle.
c) xylem.
d) phloem.

What is NOT a function of the roots in plants?
a) to produce food
b) to anchor the plant
c) to absorb water
d) to store food

Which is the best definition for the term "germinate"?
a) to sprout
b) to multiply
c) to become dormant
d) to change shape

A flower is pollinated when
a) pollen sticks on the stigma.
b) pollen falls on the sepals.
c) an embryo is formed.
d) pollen falls on the ovary.

Kudzu is a fast-growing vine that is often seen covering a brick wall or an entry way. This is an example of
a) thigmotropism.
b) hydrotropism.
c) gravitropism.
d) phototropism.

The roots of a seedling growing down into the dirt is an example of which of the following?
a) gravitropism
b) phototropism
c) hydrotropism
d) thigmotropism

Fungi are not only a problem for plants, but also for humans. Which of the following gives the best scenario of how plant fungi can hurt humans?
a) Fungi often kills huge amounts of crops that people eat and sell.
b) Fungi is often mistaken for common fruits and vegetables.
c) Fungi is the leading cause of air pollution in rural areas.
d) Fungi are the most common cause of deadly epidemics.

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