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A cell that is highlighted or outlined with a black border is referred to as what?
a) Active cell
b) Spreadsheet cell
c) Cell reference
d) Address bar

What could your school secretary use a spreadsheet to do?
a) Create a web page
b) Search for student addresses
c) Key letters to parents
d) Keep a record of student fees

What computer program is made up of rows and columns that form cells?
a) Database
b) Word processing
c) Spreadsheet
d) Desktop publishing

The intersection of a column and row in a spreadsheet is called what?
a) Cell
b) Row
c) Function
d) Column

Numerical DATA entered into a spreadsheet is called what?
a) Formula
b) Value
c) Text
d) Label

What is a statement that performs a calculation in a spreadsheet?
a) Cell
b) Value
c) Label
d) Formula

Which is NOT used in a spreadsheet application?
a) Keep track of money spent
b) Print local address books
c) Key and print envelopes
d) Keep track of timed writings

What is a business use of spreadsheet software?
a) Keeping track of company payroll
b) Home banking
c) Keying business letters
d) Keeping track of employee addresses

What is alphabetical text entered into a spreadsheet?
a) Formula
b) Value
c) Text
d) Label

A mathematical operation that is built into a spreadsheet program to perform shortcut calculations is called what?
a) Cell
b) Value
c) Label
d) Function

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