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All substances can be toxic depending on the dosage
a) Wrong
b) True
c) Not it
d) False

Toxicology is the study of poisons and the identification of drugs and other substances a person may have used for medicinal purposes only
a) False
b) Oops
c) True
d) Nope

Toxis substances are also classified by how people are exposed to them. By definition, people may be exposed intentionally, accidentally, or deliberately.
a) True
b) False
c) Try Again
d) No

Chronic exposure to toxins
a) occurs over a long period of time
b) occurs almost immediately when the toxin is given
c) is never fatal
d) is always fatal

For a substance to be acutely toxic it must have effects that
a) occur over a long period of time
b) occur almost immediatly upon exposure
c) can be combined with another substance to increase that effect
d) are always fatal

Some of the factors that influence the effects of poinsons in the bodty are
a) dose, from of entry, duration of exposure, weight
b) form of entry, activity level, weight, environmental conditions
c) dose, environmental conditions, whether or not the poison was diluted with water
d) none of the above

Alcohol is considered to be a
a) stimulant
b) depressent
c) hallucinogen
d) all of the above depending on the circumstances and how much is consumed

The blood alcohol content (BAC) can be determined by a breath test because
a) there is always a tiny bit of blood in the saliva
b) about 5% of alcohol leaves the body unchanged in the breath, perspiration, and urine
c) BAC cannot be determined by a breath test
d) BAC cannot be determined by a breath test because everyone matabolizes alcohol differently

If a BAC level is found to be below 0.08%
a) it means the brain is not affected by by the alcohol consumed
b) it is safe to drive home
c) the individual must gave been drinking at least 3 hours prior to the test
d) none of the above

Blood alcohol content is dependent on
a) the amount of alcohol consumed
b) the alcohol content of the drink(s) consumed
c) gender
d) all of the above

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