Evolution- Change Over Time Question Preview (ID: 35879)

Evolution By Natural Selection.

This is a technique used by scientists when they compare the age of a fossil by looking at the layer of earth it was found
a) Fossil
b) relative dating
c) radioactive dating
d) natural selection

Which of the following is NOT an example of evolution?
a) Male peacock birds have adapted bright feathers to attract mates
b) Rocks on the ocean floor turning darker over time
c) Over time, horses have fewer toes on their feet
d) Some squirrel species adapting to life in trees to increase fitness

Many scientists think related species have similar body structures and development patterns because related species inherit _______.
a) All of the mutations from a common ancestor
b) many of the same genes from a common ancestor

Which of the following organisms is the most fit?
a) a mouse that can run the fastest
b) a mouse that lives the longest
c) a mouse that leaves the most surviving offspring
d) the strongest mouse

Camouflage (blending with the environment) is an example of...
a) mimicry
b) adaptation
c) selective pressure
d) reproduction

The gradual change in the genetic makeup of an entire species over a very long time is known as _____.
a) evolution
b) adaptation
c) natural selection
d) chance

a change in an individual's genetic code is called...
a) variation
b) mutation
c) natural selection
d) evolution

A trait or characteristic that makes an organism well suited to its environment and improves its chance of survival is called _____.
a) natural selection
b) mutation
c) adaptation
d) fitness

Mutations are changes in DNA that can lead to...
a) only good characteristics in evolution
b) only bad characteristics in evolution
c) Both good and bad characteristics in evolution

Successful organisms can pass on the genes for their adaptations through reproduction. This describes...
a) natural selection
b) adaptation
c) mutation
d) descent and change

Which scientist's theory of evolution is accepted in the scientific community today?
a) Mendel
b) Franklin
c) Darwin
d) Watson

Over time, fossils show that the neck of giraffes have become longer. Which of the following is an adaptation?
a) Longer necks to reach food higher in trees
b) Fossil evidence
c) Shorter giraffe species becoming extinct

The snakehead fish can breathe air and live out of the water for a few days. Why is it a threat to other species in the river?
a) It is a stronger swimmer than other fish
b) It does not need to evolve
c) The fish will eventually eat all other fish
d) It has better adaptations to out-compete other species

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