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Which of the following is not a physical property of a material or substance?
a) density
b) refractive index
c) mass
d) evolution of bubbles when another substance is added

A glass fragment is dropped into a test tube filled with a particular liquid. If the fragment floats on the ice surface, the density of the glass is ________ the density of the liquid.
a) more than
b) less than
c) equal to
d) it could be any of the above

The refactive index of a glass fragment
a) is a physical property of the glass regardless of its size
b) can be detrmined making the fragment disappear in a liquid of known refractive index
c) cannot be found because fragments are too small, and not of interest to the forensic scientist
d) both a & b

A piece of glass gas a bullet hole that is larger on one side of the glass that on the other. This indicates
a) a high powered shot gun made the hole
b) the larger side is the entrance
c) the larger side is the exit
d) the bullet was traveling at a low velocity

In examining a glass fracture pattern, the radial lines are
a) cracks that form in circles around the point of impact
b) cracks that extend out from the point of impact
c) directional lines that seem to go nowhere
d) cracks known as Becke lines

A man claims that someone broke into his house through the window, the investigator believes that the window was broken from the inside of the house. What evidence would lead the investigator to believe this?`
a) the window hasd consentric lines in the fracture pattern
b) the window had radial lines in the fracture pattern
c) the edge of the window had stress marks perpendicular to the outside and parallel to the inside
d) the man looked like he was lying

If two fracture lines meet, it is easy to determine which fracture occured first
a) the fracture line will terminate the crack that happened first
b) the fracture line will terminate the crack that happened second
c) the second fracture will not have concentric cracks
d) it is impossible to determine which happened first

Glass is considered to be
a) an amorphous solid
b) a crystalline solid
c) a solid whose atoms are arranged in a regular pattern
d) none of the above

It is useful to find the Becke line when examining
a) radial cracks
b) concentric cracks
c) density
d) refractive index

One method of determining if the evidence glass matches the glass from the crime scene is to compare the:
a) index of the evidence glass to the index of the glass from the crime scene
b) refractive index of the evidence glass to the refrective index of the glass from the crime scene
c) reflective index of the evidence glass to the reflective index of the glass from the crime scene
d) none of these choices

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