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In Addition To The First.

group that does not received experimental treatment
a) control
b) dependent
c) controlled
d) manipulated

Scientists use these units
a) U.S.
b) customary
c) metric

conclusions based on observations made
a) inferences
b) interferences
c) data
d) results

read graduated cylinders at the
a) very top of the cylinder
b) meniscus
c) closest whole number
d) meniscutso

first step in the scientific method
a) Form the hypothesis.
b) Define the problem.
c) Collect data.
d) Draw conclusions.

mass = 75 g; volume = 5 mL; density =?
a) 80 g/mL
b) 70 g/mL
c) 1/15 g/mL
d) 15 g/mL

A constant...
a) stays the same
b) changes
c) is also called dependent
d) is also called responding

Who doesn't usually drink chocolate milk?
a) King Joseph
b) King Bradley
c) King Henry
d) King David

unit you might find on a graduated cylinder in a science lab
a) mL
b) grams
c) cups
d) tbs

volume of a cube that has a width of 3 cm
a) 9 cubic cm
b) 270 cubic cm
c) 27 cubic cm
d) not enough information given

variable changed by the scientist
a) independent
b) dependent
c) control
d) constant

Which could be a metric unit for volume?
a) centimeter
b) cubic centimeter
c) gram
d) meter

If adding a rock causes water to increase from 20 mL to 30 mL, the volume of the rock is...
a) 50 mL
b) 20 mL
c) 10 mL
d) 30 mL

Which is not an observation?
a) seeing
b) touching
c) sleeping
d) tasting

Why mass and weight are different
a) friction
b) grams
c) gravity
d) volume

formula for density
a) volume/mass
b) mass x volume
c) length x width x height
d) mass/volume

Test grades: 70, 95, 82, 99, 71 How would you set up to find range?
a) 99-70
b) 99-71
c) 95-70
d) 70-99

amount of space
a) mass
b) volume
c) density
d) time

What can help you remember the formula for density?
a) a butterfly
b) a rectangle
c) a heart
d) a balance

Place in the correct order: instrument for mass; metric unit for volume; metric unit for temperature
a) graduated cylinder, milliliter, Celsius
b) triple beam balance, liter, Kelvin
c) beaker, gram, Kelvin
d) triple beam balance, liter, Fahrenheit

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